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ARMYTEK Wizard C2 Pro Max black/white light

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ARMYTEK Wizard C2 Pro Max black/white light

  • Manufacturer ArmyTek
  • Catalogue number 6957713003009
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Description and parameters

Wizard C2 Pro Max is the newest model of the demanded all over the world multifunctional Armytek Wizard lineup. Not just bright, but astonishing light output of 4000 lumens.

Wide flood light of the flashlight is optimal both for operating at a close distance and for highlighting large spaces. Suitable for service and industrial works, outdoor activities or sports.

The main advantages of the flashlight are wide beam angles 110°:150° and impressive for such a compact model brightness. Combined with extended runtimes provided by the larger capacity 21700 Li-Ion battery, these features make the use as effective as possible.

Thanks to the battery adapter in the set, the flashlight also works on the common 18650 Li-Ion power supply. Headmount, clip, holster, magnet in the tailcap and optional bike mount ABM-01 provide various attachment options. Wizard C2 Pro Max is also compatible with original hard hat mounts for industrial works and mountaineering.

* Specially designed optical system and TIR-lens: transmits more lumens, provides comfortable wide beam with 150° spill.
* Maximum LED efficiency: wide new generation LED ensures better light efficiency with impressive output of 4000 lumens.
* Thought-out head design: improved heat dissipation and brighter light with more lumens.
* Large side button: soft and comfortable pressing.
* Innovated electronics: combination of high brightness and prolonged runtimes.
* Simple operation by default: easy to use right out of the box (6 modes), possible to switch to professional advanced operation with 10 modes.
* Improved springs: new springs for better protection of the battery and driver and increased performance efficiency.
* Stylish body: matt anodizing and laconic design.
* Fast magnetic charger: included 21700 Li-Ion 5000 mAh battery is charged in 5 h 20 min.

* Runtime in maximum mode: 3 h 15 min (900 lm after 50 sec)
* Runtime in minimum mode: 62 days
* Strobe: max. 4.000 lm/10 Hz
* Dimensions:  121.5 x 34.4 mm
* Weight (without battery/with battery): 79 g / 149 g
* Waterproof and dustproof standard: IP68
* Submersion: 10 m for 5 hours
* Impact resistance: 10 m
* Operating temperatures: -25..+40 °C

Power: 21700 Li-Ion 5000 mAh battery is included in the set
Standards: ANSI/PLATO FL1-2019